We were a little surprised by an overcast sky and drizzle yesterday (eventually turning to rain in the evening). Before the precipitation started, John and I walked up to a small holiday fair where a lot of local vendors were selling their wares – mostly young hipsters selling clothes they designed, artisan soaps and candles, jewelry, and baked goods. The local adoption shelter also had a pen of dogs for adoption – so cute! (John and I are determined to get a dog at our next post!)

This week has been fairly routine, but we had a lot of interesting cases at work to keep us on our toes. John is on duty this week, and yesterday we worked on a death case and did the death notification to the next of kin.

For the past two weeks I’ve been on a “Downton Abbey” kick and finished Season Five on Friday. We’ve also been watching “Borgen” on DVD, a political drama set in Denmark – very good. Last night we watched a German movie that’s been getting a lot of publicity, “Goodnight Mommy.” We expected to be terrified, but were a bit disappointed – although it was a very interesting movie visually.

I had ordered Mom’s tombstone when I was home in September, and it was set this past week. I was very pleased with it, although it does make me sad since it’s such a final reminder that she is gone.



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