Posadas, etc.

Ana Rosa's Posada, with Vero

Ana Rosa’s Posada, with Vero

There were several holiday parties this week, starting on Sunday with an open house at Jeff’s house. A friend/ACS co-worker flew in from Merida to observe our operations, so we picked him up at his hotel and took him with us. It was a nice get-together – we ducked out before the kids started the piƱata fun.

Friday night was the annual posada at my co-worker Ana Rosa’s house. It’s a ritual that re-enacts the Bible story of Mary and Joseph looking for an inn for the night. Half the group is inside the house and the other half is outside, asking to come in. There’s a script to follow – narrated by another co-worker and lots of readings and songs that I can never decipher the tune to! At the end, we’re rewarded with tamales – the best part!

Friday afternoon there was a party for our local guards and I stopped by to say hello as I was leaving work. Since I’m helping with their English classes on Wednesdays, I’ve gotten to know some of them a little better. The Consulate pitches in for the party, and they each get a gift basket with food. Our guards make about $5/day – I’m not sure how they manage to make ends meet. They’re all very sweet, and now I’m greeted with “Hi, Teacher” as I go in and out each day.

Yesterday John and I hit another hipster arts and crafts fair, and stopped by the tents with Oaxacan products that are out each Saturday. I bought some chocolate to make their delicious hot chocolate – I hope mine is as good as what we had when we visited Oaxaca years ago!

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