Back to reality

Luckily Monday was a holiday here, so we were able to extend our vacation a little bit before setting an alarm clock. I didn’t realize that the four-hour time difference would give me such jet lag, but it did, so it’s been a struggle to sleep well this week. Add to that the fact that I had to start carrying the duty phone this week, so even when I have been lucky enough to get to sleep, invariably an AmCit calls in the middle of the night with some sort of problem (usually one that could have waited until day light, but hey, it’s what I get paid to do!).

Thursday night we hosted a good book club meeting. We read “Thieves of State” (the author’s thesis is that government corruption leads to terrorism or contributes to it) – we had a good turnout, plus had a friend Skype in for the discussion as well.

John went to a game night Friday night (I opted out) and had a good time. Looks like we’re getting some new folks in who like to game, so that’s good.

Saturday morning I went on a Hash House run/walk (sans the beer drinking). Guadalajara is blessed with their version of Central Park – lots of gardens and walking trails. It’s one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to, so this was a great introduction to it, and I’ll go back. Afterward several of us went to a great taco place for breakfast, then I drove over to the zocolo in Zapopan to wander around a bit.

So, it was a great vacation, but it’s back to the real world now!

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