Two weeks in one

I skipped a week of blogging – we were traveling last weekend and I was sick, to boot, so it just fell by the wayside. We made a quick trip up to northwest Arkansas to surprise my father-in-law Pete on his 80th birthday – fun!

We flew into the northwest Arkansas airport (thank you, Walmart!) and John’s brother Philip picked us up at the airport. We had a great time visiting with him, Michele, and the twins (already 16!) and enjoyed a delicious smoked rib dinner.

The next morning we drove over to Mountain Home, surprised Pete, and spent the night over there. The next day, they drove us back to Fayetteville to catch our flight back to Guadalajara.

This past Thursday evening, my cousin James from San Antonio and his wife MaryBeth flew in to town. We spent Friday in Tlaquepaque and Tonala, and went to Tequila yesterday to tour the Herradura distillery. We have another day of fun ahead of us today!

WIth James, Tlaquepaque

WIth James, Tlaquepaque

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