Hip hip hooray

It’s the first of May! Time is flying. I’m solo this week – John went to Arkansas on Friday morning to help his parents get ready for their big move, the he’ll go on to Washington DC and Pennsylvania for Army War College orientation (in preparation for his strategic studies long-distance class). He managed to squeeze in a visit with Hooper and Stoker, which made him very happy!

Yesterday I went to an afternoon birthday party for Monica and had a really nice time. I had a chance to talk to some folks who I normally don’t see, so it was good to catch up with them.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this before, but when Mom died, her kitty Tiger just moved over to my Aunt Bonnie’s house next door – but then Aunt Bonnie died in February. My cousins did me a solid and took him to their house across town. Unfortunately, he disappeared in mid-March and I’ve been worried sick about him. I alerted friends in the old neighborhood – one said she was pretty sure she had seen him once, but then nothing else. I posted him on a lost & found page, and immediately got a response from a woman who said she knew where he was – indeed, the photo she sent bore a strong resemblance. After some back and forth, she admitted that she was in North Little Rock – 100 miles away, so I knew that was a dead end. John even went to the old neighborhood yesterday to call for him, but no luck.

Then lo and behold, last night my cousin Sue emailed and said that Tiger had returned to their house! He was skinny and ate a lot, but he came back! I’m so happy, and just hope that he will stay. It’s such a relief to me, because Mom just loved that cat! So keep your fingers crossed for a happy ending!

While John was away, I took the opportunity to do a little redecorating – I’ve been wanting a cow hide rug, and found a lovely one yesterday. A guy from Guanajuato had themĀ on his truck on the side of the road at a reasonable price – it’s so soft and clean – I love it! (I can hear my mother saying in my ear: “UGH.” Sorry, Mom!)

New rug!

New rug!














And here’s my team bowling from last week – it’s my fun boss Pete on the left, and the ladies from our agency in Vallarta on the right. Good times!


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