Happy birthday to me!

Wow! How is it that I really don’t feel any older?! This has been a quiet day since John’s out of town, but I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve gotten lots of good wishes from all around the world – so fun to hear from so many people!

It was a busy week at work – as always – but we had a local holiday on Thursday (Cinco de Mayo – curiously not that celebrated in Mexico), so it was a short week, at least. Friday afternoon was festive: a friend at work brought mint juleps and Kentucky Derby pie (he’s from Kentucky) so we finished the day with a toast!

A while back, John bought me a “Great Courses” travel photography class and I watched it yesterday. It’s basically a series of videos taught by a National Geographic photographer. I really enjoyed listening to him and seeing him incredible photos – it also really made me want to travel more!

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