Home again, home again

After a nice visit with Mom, I came back to Juarez on Monday afternoon. Pamela met me at the LR airport for a cup of coffee before I caught my flight. John picked me up at the airport in El Paso and grilled an arracharra steak for me for dinner.

Tuesday I woke up to a dead battery in the Volvo, but John got it fixed for me after work. The car seems to eat batteries, but otherwise plugs along!

We had another massage Tuesday night – I’m really getting spoiled!

It was a super-busy week at work on the passport front, since everyone is trying to get theirs before the new WHTI law goes into effect June 1. Wednesday after work, we had a professional development event with our local FBI liaison. It was interesting to hear him talk about his experiences.

Friday night we went to another great party at Matt and Daisy’s. It was a going-away party for them, and for Beth and Tom. We are going to miss all of them – we’re approaching the time of year when a lot of people start transferring to their next post. It’s exciting for them, but sad for us! The party was a lot of fun – lots of people, food and drink, as usual – and they hired a nice Mexican trio to play old Mexican songs for an hour. It was a lovely night outside. I hope the next family who moves into Matt and Daisy’s house understands that they are obligated to continue the party tradition there!

Saturday night our bosses Roger and Rodney hosted a small get-together to talk about bidding for our third tour assignments. We won’t do that until 2011, but it was great to hear their advice. It was also a good reason to eat and drink a lot!

News flash – John has been riding bikes the last couple of weekends. He went for a check-up last week and his doctor invited him to go cycling with him and his friends the next morning. No bike? No problem – the doctor called his friend who owns a bike store and got John fixed up with a loaner (soon to be permanent). So, he’s been riding with them both Saturday and Sunday mornings over in El Paso, along the road to Las Cruces. He’s loving it!

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