Quick trip to Scottsdale


Texas Canyon in AZ

John and I were invited to attend a Foreign Service recruiting event in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week. John was up for a road trip, so we left early Tuesday morning and headed out for our 7+ hour drive. The event was in the late afternoon, and it was a lot of fun. There were close to 150 people there. We were on a panel with our friend Dink, who ran our orientation program while we were back in DC. It was great to see him and have dinner with him afterward.

We drove back home the next day, not in as much of a hurry going home. We stopped in Texas Canyon (above) for a photo op – it was so pretty with these huge rocks. We also went to a cheesey road side attraction called “The Thing” that John has been wanting to do since we first saw a billboard for it in NM. And we had a delicious lunch just over the AZ-NM border.

We started the week with book club Monday night at our house – we read Jeffrey Davidow’s ”The Bear and the Porcupine,” about Amb. Davidow’s experiences as ambassador to Mexico. We had a great discussion.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key. Last Sunday night, we watched “Rachel Getting Married,” which was pretty good. We started “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” last night.

I just spent a lazy morning watching the men’s championship of the French Open.

John continues to ride bikes with his new El Paso buddies on Saturday and Sunday mornings – he’s really enjoying it!

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