Hurry up, rain!

The rains have started rather tentatively here and we’re all so glad! The days have been getting up into the mid-to-low 90s, which for Tapatios is unbearably hot. We’ve had some showers overnight the last day or so, which makes for lovely cool mornings, so hopefully the rains will pick up even more and cool things down.

The week was pretty normal – work is incredibly busy as people start their summer travel. Our demand for passport services is out-stripping our ability to keep up, which makes for stressful days for our staff and me. In addition, we have one vacancy and will have three more in a few weeks! So we’re muddling along the best we can.

We went to two birthday gatherings yesterday. First we went to celebrate Tom’s birthday and enjoyed Max’s wonderful cooking – he made a lemon tart that was out of this world. Then we went to David’s later in the day for gaming and to celebrate his birthday. I played a few games but spent the majority of the evening playing with his adorable cats.

Happy Pride to my gay friends! I’m horrified by the news this morning of a mass shooting in a Florida gay nightclub.

We had this little guest at our hummingbird feeder this morning – what a treat! I didn’t take this photo, but found this on the internet:

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna’s Hummingbird

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