Short week

Thanks to the fourth of July holiday, we were only at work for four days this week – but they were busy. Summers here are a mixed bag for me. It’s our busiest time of the year, but I do love the storms! We had several big ones this week – after drenching my sandals trying to get to the car Wednesday after our English class for the guards, I finally got smart and have started toting my cute rain boots back and forth to the office with me.

We hosted book club at our house Thursday night. It was a small group, but interesting discussion of “Farewell to Arms.”

Friday night we went to a co-worker’s house for game night. I ended up teaching “Settlers of Catan” to a group of folks. There were several tables of other games going on as well. It was lots of fun and good to socialize a bit.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday for a check-up. It was quite the production – cosmetic surgery and the like are very popular in Guadalajara!

Last night we watched the finale of a series that Pam recommended, “River.” We agreed with her that it was worth the watch. Then we watched the incredible “45 Years” with Charlotte Rampling. It’s a slow, deliciously agonizing movie – the more we discussed it this morning, the more we liked it.

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