Duty week

It’s duty week for me, which means I’m on-call 24/7 for emergencies. It also means that I have to open the Consulate building at 6 AM and close it at 6:15 PM, so it makes for long days. So far, I haven’t had any big emergencies, fingers crossed!

Last Sunday, John and I watched a good cop movie with Edward Norton called “Pride and Glory.” I also made a yummy chicken curry for lunch, and John grilled steaks for dinner.

The week was pretty low-key, just work as usual. We had a couple of brownbag lunch meetings that were interesting.  Wednesday night, I had a nice dinner with one of my favorite co-workers, Pam, at a local Mexican restaurant – she and I work together in ACS.

Yesterday we went to a small get-together at our friends Whitney and Ali’s house – they have a new baby who is cute. Afterwards, we stopped by a neighborhood BBQ that our Mexican neighbors were having – they were a lot of fun and it was a pretty evening to sit outside.

I also stopped by a co-worker’s house after work one night to see their new beagle puppy – he’s cute. And I dog-sat for Jasper on Saturday for a couple of hours while Michael and Teresa were in El Paso for the day. He’s a sweet, well-behaved puppy. He really likes John and “helped” him roast coffee and would whimper if John went inside – cute!

Happy birthday to cousin James today!

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