Good week

It was a good but busy week at work. I finished up duty Wednesday morning and am able to return to my regular schedule. I had a couple of disturbing calls on Sunday and spent some time talking to Americans who were having problems in Mexico. Hopefully, they will have good outcomes. The violence here continues – I think Juarez is on track to meet or exceed last year’s number of homicides, despite an increased military presence here. It’s depressing.

On the upside, I had a few good social outings. John took me out for a nice dinner on Wednesday to celebrate the end of duty week. I went out with some of the girls from local staff on Thursday night for drinks after work. They are so funny, cute and smart – we laughed a lot. John and I spent Tuesday night down at Michael and Teresa’s house yakking – they’re always fun, and we got to play with their puppy. Then last night, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor Lara across the street that was a lot of fun.

Wednesday was an admin day, so we had some meetings in the morning, then I went to do prison visits in the afternoon – always interesting!

We watched a few movies this week – “O Jerusalem,” “Madagascar 2” and “About Schmidt” – I had seen “About Schmidt” when it first came out, but we had been wanting to see it again – so funny.

John’s off cycling this morning – he’s having such a good time with it. He had his personal best of 45 miles yesterday – bravo!

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