Old Friends

With Rocio

With Rocio

We were so happy to see two old friends this week! On Monday, we met our old friend Rocio after work. We worked together in Ciudad Juarez. She happened to be in town, and we were delighted to catch up with her! She’s still pretty as ever – her nickname in Juarez has always been Sharapova, for her pretty long blonde hair.

Then Friday, one of John’s old co-workers from Systematics, Leland, was in town. John took the day off to spend time with him, then we went out for a nice dinner together. He spent the night with us, but was out the door at the crack of dawn to catch his flight back to Arkansas. There’s nothing like old friends – they’re the best!

And, a friend from Tel Aviv is currently working in Juarez, and she was in town on a TDY working at our Consulate, so she and I spent the day shopping in Tlaquepaque yesterday!

It was fun catching up with all three of these folks – old friends are the best!

We hosted our monthly book club on Thursday night, which was a lot of fun. And with history repeating itself, Jennifer joined us – she used to attend in Tel Aviv, as well! Good times!

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