End of an era

Joyce 1954

Joyce 1954

My father, Joyce Pipkin, passed away earlier this week. He was 93. He definitely had a full life – captain of the Arkansas Razorbacks football team, NFL player, Navy underwater demolition team (precursor to the SEALS), musician, and Reynolds Metals exec. He and my mom divorced when I was just a baby, so I never really knew him very well, but he was a card and will be missed.

We also lost my Aunt Jo this week, another woman full of life. She was 85. She always had a smart-alec crack and quick smile. She used to let me come ride her horse, Cheetah, when I was young.

John is in Suriname on a TDY, so I’ve had the house to myself this four-day weekend. I’ve been scanning, organizing, and backing up thousands of old photos – it feels great to finally tackle this project! And it’s been so fun coming across old photos – lots of memories.

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