With Ann Muse

With Ann Muse

I returned to Hendrix College this weekend for my 35th reunion – how fun! It has been a blast.

Friday night, Ann and I went to Cabe Theatre to see the student production of “Proof” – very well done. It is always such an exciting feeling to walk into the theatre there.

I spent the night with Ann and Jim, and got rested up for a busy day. After a quick trip to Maumelle to get my hair cut, I made it back to campus in time to catch part of the alumni awards breakfast. The highlight of the trip was seeing my beloved accounting professor, Stephen Kerr. Despite his too-young age, he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. I was delighted that he remembered me. Karen Kaufman and I were his students his very first semester teaching, and we were relentless teasers! He always knew that we adored him, though.

From there, I went to the BBQ and caught up with some folks, then Ann and I went to pick up Dr. Henenberg, our former drama coach and sage. We went to the last lectures of Dr. Tom Goodwin and Dr. Alice Hines. I welled up during Tom’s, even though I never even had him for a class!

In the evening, I drove to Little Rock for our class party in the River Market, at the top of Roger Chinn’s building. We had so much fun! I got to catch up with David and Lezlie Miller, David Sargent, Rick and Holly, Forrest and Lauren, and many, many others – so fun!

I spent the night with Pamela, and we drove to campus this morning for a memorial service at the chapel for alumni who died during the year. I think it was the first time I had been back to the chapel since John and I were married there in 1996. I couldn’t help but see young-me walking down the aisle with Mom and Joyce. I sat with Jerry Coker, then we had lunch together in the cafeteria later.

Hendrix is such a special, special place. I saw several former professors who called me by name – even ones I never even had in class – followed by a “where’s John?” I’m not sure that happens on many colleges campuses, but I am very proud that it happens on mine!

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