In denial

I am firmly in denial about leaving, and pretty much doing everything I can not to start organizing for packout. I am giving a speech next week, and I’ve spent a lot of time working on it during the last few weekends – it’s a great excuse for not tackling the kitchen pantry. And the new season of “House of Cards” is out, so who can blame me for not venturing into the guest bedroom closet, where unused items go to die?

The move to D.C. is a lot more complicated because we will be moving into a smaller apartment than where we are now (this place is ginormous)…so that means we need to organize stuff to be packed into what goes to the new place and what gets shoved into storage. That’s a lot of mental calculus for me! And at this point, we don’t know where we will be living, and how much cabinet space we’ll have, for example. So, it’s way easier to watch “House of Cards”!

We had this lovely bench made, and it was delivered to us this week from Tlaquepaque. The fabric is Guatemalan, and the design is a woman standing arms akimbo. Love it. (And yes, I did just say that we are moving into a much smaller apartment, thank you.)

Our new bench

Our new bench

John left this week for his residence course at Army War College. He flew up on Sunday with a stop in Arkansas first to see Pete and Ginger, then he spent a few days in Washington DC for consultations with his new office. He met with a realtor and toured several apartment buildings that are candidates for us to live in, so we spent a lot of time yesterday talking on the phone and looking at apartment websites. It looks like there are some good options for the area we want to live in.

I went out Wednesday evening after teaching the guards’ English class for happy hour with my boss and his wife and two other women I work with. We had a great time sitting outdoors looking over the busy street below and having a drink together. I’ve met some really great people here and I’m going to miss working with them, especially my boss Pete.

Yesterday was Pete and Ginger’s 56th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to the best in-laws a girl could have!

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