Fiddling while Rome burns

I continue down the road of denial, so much so that I left Mexico altogether this weekend to avoid the thought of organizing the pantry. I’m en route to Arkansas to visit Hendrix and speak to the students at Governor’s School, which i am excited about. It’ll be fun to see some old friends and be on campus a bit. Governor’s School started after I graduated from high school, but John attended the second year of it in 1981 – pretty cool!

John is enjoying his residence program at Army War College. He made a quick trip back down to D.C. On Saturday to look at some more apartments – exciting!

I did manage to check a couple of things off of my to-do list this week: I went to the dentist and got Flavie started on her shots. The vet made a house call yesterday for the first of two shots she needs. I love that so many people make house calls in this country – I will miss that. And my total vet bill for two visits and three shots is a whopping $40, if you can believe that!

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