Governor’s School

Before my presentation at Governor's School

Before my presentation at Governor’s School

I gave my presentation at Governor’s School on Tuesday and had so much fun! I think the kids enjoyed it and I had a blast. Afterward they asked a bunch of questions, then I got more questions when I attended a class. The questions ranged from “how much money do you make” to “what do you think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”! Really cute, bright kids, and I met the daughter of a dear old friend from high school – and a really nice young man whose father was one of the Vietnamese “Boat People.” It was such and interesting and fun day, and I’m so tickled that my friend Lyle asked me to speak.

I flew to Little Rock on Sunday and had a great time visiting with Mary. We spent a lot of quality time on her front porch, sitting in chairs made by Mike Bobo’s sweet dad Ray Von. We also took several long walks with her dog Tina. I ran into several old friends – so fun to go home and see familiar faces. I had coffee with Muffy before I went to the airport on Wednesday to fly back.

Mary's relaxing porch

Mary’s relaxing porch

John returned home to Guadalajara last night after being gone for three weeks. The last two weeks he was at Army War College for the summer residence program. He had a great time with his Army buddies and got to do some cool things, including going to the National Security Council.

And I’m happy to report he got us a cool apartment in DC! It’s on L Street, about a 15 minute walk to our offices – perfect!

The goodbyes have started already. Today we had to say goodbye to our wonderful masseuse Valeria. She’s heading off to Europe for a couple of months, and we’ll leave while she is gone. She has become a friend over the last couple of years and we will miss her. She definitely made our time here more relaxed!

With Valeria

With Valeria

I’m also going to miss my weekly English class for our local guard force that I’ve been helping with the last two years. They are so cute and work so hard. Here are a couple of them, advertising for my replacement.

Guards' English class

Guards’ English class

So now, no more excuses. I spent yesterday cleaning more out of my closet. I went from 53 pairs of shoes to 25 – and I don’t even care that much about shoes! Lots of clothes going to charity here, as well. It feels good!

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