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Drempel, the Dutch word for speed bump – you see a LOT of them in Suriname

I spent the week in Paramaribo, flying down Monday and returning Saturday. The flight back was grueling, leaving the hotel at 2:30AM and not getting home until 7:30 PM – but I made it! It was a great trip and we got a lot done.

Fruit stand, Paramaribo

Leaving Paramaribo in the wee hours of the morning

We’re so happy Rick and Claire are living in DC! Claire went back to England to see her family for a few weeks, but Rick came over for lunch last Saturday and spent the afternoon just hanging out with us. Today we all went to Great Falls and walked along the Potomac and the canal for a couple of hours – it was a beautiful day. We saw lots of great blue herons and turtles along the way, and deer on the way home!

Part of the falls

Rick and John at the falls

Along the canal

Along the canal

Along the canal

With Rick

Rick at the falls

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