Cooking class

John cooking crab cakes

John has said that since he’s finished with War College, he’s going to learn to cook, and I am thrilled about that! He went to a knife class at a local cooking school while I was in Suriname, and used his newfound skills to spatchcock a chicken (cutting up a whole one), braise, and bake it for me Friday night. It was delicious!

Last night we went to “date night” at the culinary school and we had a blast. There were eight couples. We made crab cakes with lime-cilantro cream, Mexican corn salad, pork belly tacos, vinegared onions, and chocolate mousse – it was so much fun!

At cooking school

This week I was in a visa class, and we were at FSI the first two days of the week. It was fun to run into old friends out there!

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