Dogs, dogs, dogs!

And they’re off!

Yesterday John and I went to the Wiener 500 – a day to celebrate dogs of all kinds, but especially dachshunds! The afternoon festivities included dachshund racing and a doggie costume contest. Rick and Claire met us and we had a blast! Click for all of my photos.


Claire with Chloe the Bulldog

Last Sunday evening kicked off the annual RCO conference, where my eight regional consular colleagues (including my boss) come to DC for a week of meetings. John and I hosted them at our house in the late afternoon/evening – it was a great way to start the week in a relaxed atmosphere. Most had just flown in that day, and a few came with their suitcase straight from the airport. It’s always a treat to see everyone and talk in person, rather than by phone or email. My boss also organized group tickets for the Washington Nationals baseball game, so we all went to the stadium Thursday night, along with some folks from CA – it was a beautiful night for baseball, although I have to admit there was a lot more talking than watching the game!

I was in charge of organizing the myriad of speakers from Consular Affairs leadership for the week, and I was very happy that everything went smoothly! It was a lot of work, but it really paid off in the end!

Starbucks cup costume

Someone got in trouble!

Cool dude

Patiently waiting

So happy!



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