Lovely Curacao

Abandoned building in beautiful light

Work took me to the tiny island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela, this week.  A former Dutch colony, there’s a European feel to some parts of it, while other parts are pure Caribbean. I stay downtown where the cruise ships dock. The consulate gives me a car to drive while I’m there, which means I have to drive white-knuckled over this bridge every day.

I joined in the Pride parade on Thursday night, walking the short parade route with three-quarters of the consulate- and by that, I mean three of the four Americans who work there – it’s a tiny place!

At Pride parade with Derek, Gil, and their twins

It was a fun, short trip – I was able to be home by 5PM Friday afternoon, just in time for John to take me to a nice dinner at Ris! Click to see all of my photos from Curacao.

Abandoned building


Taxi stays playing dominoes

Iconic view

Pink and orange

Abandoned building

View from restaurant

At a local restaurant

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