Fall is here!

With Chuck Dodson at the Starlite

I really had a great trip to Hot Springs – I loved sitting by the fire at David and Alison’s house on the lake and yakking with them. I got to see the fabulous Chuck Dodson Monday night – we had dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant in town (El Padrino), then finally got to go to the Starlite Lounge with him. We ended the evening watching the new “A Star is Born.” Thanks for a fun evening, Chuck!

I left the house early Tuesday morning to catch my flight, and as David and Allie were leaving to spend a few days in Eureka Springs.  Thursday afternoon we had an A-100 happy hour at Ris where I got to visit with John, Jimmi, Ben T., and Ed G.

Our sweet friend Jimmi at happy hour

Friday night John and I met Maribel and Juan from Juarez at the Continental Beer Garden – a lovely evening and so fun to see Maribel again! After that, Jimmi and I met Amy and Donna at the Congressional Cemetery for Souls Stroll! We walked through the cemetery and heard tales of some of the folks buried there – very cool!

J. Edgar Hoover’s grave

Congressional Cemetery

Saturday John took me to see a most excellent production of Beetlejuice at the National Theatre – it was wonderful! So entertaining and great sets and costumes! Our magician friend Michael Weber did the illusions, so that was fun to watch, too.


Afterward we went to Wendy’s birthday party in Falls Church – we had a fun time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Today John hosted a few guys to play a board game, while I hit the museums! I went to the east building of the National Gallery or Art, then stopped in the Museum of Natural History to see the exhibit on narwhals.

John, David, John, and Justin and a very elaborate board game

Museum of Natural History

Great White Shark jaws!!!

Narwhal tusks!


Beautiful Georgia O’Keefe

Along the way going to the National Mall

What a great week! And it’s chilly!!!

Never gets old!


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