More fun in DC

Friday night, John and I went to hear one of our favorite bands, the Gipsy Kings at Wolf Trap. It’s a gorgeous venue – I had only been there once back in the ’80s when my friend Kayren and I went to see Joan Baez. It was a sold out crowd and was a lot of fun, despite the heat.

John went to a party last night, but I just couldn’t recover from the disco nap I took, so I stayed home to watch a movie (Venus, with Peter O’Toole) with the cats. He had a great time and met a lot of new folks. Today we are heading to a class cookout to say goodbye to a classmate going to Singapore. We also went to a happy hour in Dupont Circle Thursday night to say ‘bye to another classmate going to Algiers.

Noodle is so much fun these days without his Prozac! He is so playful, it cracks us up.

Nothing much to report…just issuing passports! I’ve dreamed about it several nights. One day last week, we had a walk-through by Deputy Secretary John Negroponte and Assistant Secretary Maury Harty (whom I just adore).

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