Back to Guyana

Guyana hotel view (the ocean was muddy)

I flew to Guyana last Sunday to work, and returned on Friday. I always enjoy going there: I like the people, there’s a nice lounge at the Marriott overlooking the ocean where I have breakfast and dinner, I can walk to work, and there’s a small cafeteria where I can eat inside the embassy. It’s the small things. And parrots fly overhead at morning and dusk. I was there on Valentine’s Day. We had cake in the morning, and in the afternoon, the local international school choir serenaded me (they do singing Valentine’s as a fund-raiser). I spent two evenings in the lounge visiting with a retired Foreign Service Officer who was there working in the consular section – very nice. Monday night I worked out  during Marine boot camp – my legs hurt the rest of the week from squats!

Last night we went to RT’s for Cajun food with Rick and Claire – it’s one of our favorites. I had she-crab soup and pecan-crusted haddock – yum!

Somehow during my travel last Sunday, I completely forgot to blog! I was in town the previous week. I went to happy hour one night with Tammy, Amy, and Donna, which is always fun. Otherwise it was pretty quiet!

John and worked a jigsaw puzzle this weekend, and I’ve been playing online Scrabble some – fun!

While at the Admirals Club in Miami, I got a selfie with Bob Cranston, who was sitting in my little reading nook – he’s credited with creating the first frequent flyer programs. Thanks to that, I flew business class on the way down, so I wanted to tell him thanks!

With Bob Cranston


Morning at the Miami Airport

I got this nice little email from our housekeeper in Islamabad after I sent him birthday greetings. I miss people calling me “madam,” haha!

From Saleem

It has dawned on me that I am beginning to look more and more like my mother. She would have turned 94 this past Wednesday.

Any resemblance?

Mom with Tiger as a kitten

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