Early birds and all that

I’ll have a grueling travel day tomorrow, so I’m blogging a day early so I don’t forget! I’m at the airport now…check back next week to see where I’ve been!

Last Sunday was game day at Ben and Angela’s out in Leesburg, so that means John plays games all day and I go to the nearby outlet mall to shop. And I bought a new laptop while I was out!

Monday was a holiday. We stayed in and watched “True Detective” (set in NW Arkansas); John cooked some delicious steaks in the cast iron griddle.  Tuesday night, John got to have dinner with Phillip, who was working in nearby Reston. So nice that Phillip’s job gets him out this way now and then! Wednesday was a snow day, so I worked at home and watched the pretty snow.

Thursday night we met a few friends at Ris, then John, Jimmi, and I stayed for a delicious dinner.

Friday was busy at work getting ready for this trip! I had time for a manicure/pedicure this morning before packing and heading to the airport. It’s a rainy, chilly, cloudy day!

With Jimmi, John, and Brian



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