I heart Iceland


I had a great week at the embassy in Reykjavik – my friend Donna is the chief there, so it was fun to get to work with her and her staff. The embassy is downtown, so it was easy for us to get out for lunch every day (including my favorite, Artic Char at Messinn). It also makes it convenient to do some shopping after work. Donna and I ended the day Thursday with a glass of wine to wrap up our week. Unlike December when I was there when it was only daylight from around 10AM to 4PM, it was light from around 4AM to 10PM (or later – I was asleep).

I took a vacation day on Friday and did a day tour with a small company. We went to the western peninsula of Snaefellsnes, which was just beautiful. We went to a gorgeous black beach, a lovely fishing village where we walked along the cliffs, stopped for a great lunch (fresh cod), drove through lava fields (well, the whole country is basically one big lava field anyway), saw some crazy basalt, a gorgeous mountain, lots of waterfalls, and ended up at a horse farm where we had a great home-cooked meal and got to get into the pasture with the Icelandic horses – including two adorable foals! One was very curious and almost came up to me to let me pet him, but got too shy at the last minute. It was cold at the farm, with some snow flakes falling and windy! Otherwise, the day was sunny but cold – the guide called it “window weather” – where you look out the window and think it looks like wonderful weather, then you go outside and realize it’s cold!

I stayed at a different hotel, the Exeter, which was very hip. They had a good little restaurant downstairs, plus a bakery that had these amazing doughnuts, including one stuffed with salty caramel – yum. Reykjavik in general is very hip – it has a young, cool vibe to it.

I flew home on Saturday morning – which meant I got up around 3AM in order to get to the airport for an 8:30AM flight via the bus – the reward was a lovely sunrise over the marina.

Today my friend Carol from Hendrix came for lunch – I don’t know that I’ve seen her since we graduated, but we’ve reconnected via social media – John made us a delicious meal and we talked for hours until she had to leave to catch her flight – so enjoyable!

With Carol

Casa Crippen

I love the scale of this (some glare from car window)

Cool bird

Water everywhere

Furry face


Reykjavik, good char dinner one night

Water everywhere

Cool bird

Downtown Reykjavik

At the horse farm

Happy horse

Icelandic horses with snowflakes

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