North to Alaska

Alaska from the air

The long trip to get to Juneau was worth it – John and I left DC Friday afternoon, overnighted in Seattle (via Chicago), and arrived in Alaska yesterday morning! Juneau is lovely – small, hip, with a good vibe. We walked around a bit, ate an early lunch at the Rookery, napped, then went for dinner down on the water at the Hangar where we sat outside and watched the cruise ships and floatplanes. We struck it very lucky on the weather – just cool enough for a light jacket and lots of sunshine!

This morning we went on a floatplane flight to see the glaciers – just amazing. The blue ice is incredible. It was a little bumpy (you know I don’t like heights), but completely worth the white knuckles to see the amazing mountains, spruce (fir?) trees, and ice.

Aerial view of glacier

Click to see the first of my photos!

Love the old buildings around Juneau

From the floatplane

View of the Queen Elizabeth through beauty shop window



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