Passing the time

Cute sea otter

The last photos I took in Alaska were of this cute sea otter – isn’t he adorable?!!!

I’ve spent the week reading and being nursed by John – he’s doing a great job taking care of me. He was able to telework this week so he could be home all day – what a godsend.

Flavie loves me being in bed all day!

I finished “Another America,” a book about the history of Liberia; “Savage Beauty,” an extensive biography of Edna St.Vincent Millay; “Baking Cakes in Kigali,” a charming book set in Rwanda; and “The Embassy,” a book about the role of the American embassy during the Liberian civil war. Now I’m on to “The House on Sugar Beach,” another non-fiction based in Liberia.

I got these gorgeous flowers from David and Alison this week – thank you!

Pretty flowers from David & Allie

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