Caretaker Mary

Book and cat – my view in bed

Our good friend Mary flew out from Arkansas to take care of me this week while John was in a mandatory class at FSI – she was amazing! It was also so good to have a friend to visit and laugh with. She rolled me to my doctor’s office on Wednesday in my wheel chair (we did a trial run with John Monday night) – luckily the doctor’s office is only two blocks away, but it’s a long two blocks! (I tried pushing myself some – boy, it’s hard!)

I love my new doctor here, Dr. Debritz. They took out my stitches and said I’m healing nicely (he also said it looked like my surgery had been done “by the book, as expected from Harborview”). He reiterated that it is going to be a long recovery (sadly).

On the way home from the doctor’s office, Mary and I actually stopped at a little restaurant along the way and had a quick breakfast. And Thursday night, she and John rolled me a block over to Ris where we had a wonderful dinner. It felt amazing to be out in public again. I get tired easily, so we skipped dessert, but it’s nice to know I can get out a little bit.

I started teleworking half-days this week! It’s so nice to feel like I am contributing again. I also continued reading – I finished the excellent “House on Sugar Beach,” and also the fun page-turner, “The Wife Between Us.”

Mary left Friday afternoon to go back to Arkansas – we were sad to see her go! Even Flavia enjoyed having her here – Flavie actually let Mary pet her – this is amazing, since Flavie normally runs and hides if someone else is in the apartment – I told Mary she is the cat whisperer!

Today is the fourth anniversary of Mom’s death. I miss you.



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