Wash rinse repeat

From Nick and Wendy

The days are pretty much the same, but I had several visitors this week to add some welcome breaks – what a treat! Caroline came by last Sunday morning for coffee and brought a delicious clafoutis; Nomi spent the afternoon with me Friday; and Rick and Claire came for lunch yesterday. So nice to see folks. And they brought pretty flowers, too! Wendy and Nick also sent a gorgeous bouquet – I love having them to look at. The woman who does my nails also made a house call for me – I feel like a new woman!

Thursday was a holiday, and it was nice to have John home all day. The fireworks were right outside our window – so pretty.

I finished “The Bookmaker’s Daughter,” a beautifully written book about growing up in Hot Springs during its gambling hay days. I also read “Becoming,” Michelle Obama’s biography a week or two ago (it made me like her – I didn’t know much about her before).


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