Big week

Flavia is happy I’m home in bed with her all day!

I started physical therapy this week, and will do it two times per week for the foreseeable future. Since I can’t put weight on the leg, it’s mostly about bending my knee, strength training, and reducing scar tissue. I love my therapist, and she’s only two blocks away.

I had several visitors! Angela, one of my fabulous managers, stopped by after work on Tuesday, and my long-time friend Pam came over Thursday evening. How nice to visit and laugh and get caught up on office shenanigans. Another woman came over for a consultation before going to La Paz, so I actually had a work meeting from my sofa.

I teleworked full-time this week – boy, does that make the days fly by. Even though I can’t travel, I have plenty to work on.  And John went back to work. Since I can get myself up/down now, I stayed home alone. He left water by the bed, brought my laptop/files, and left a sandwich made in the fridge, so I was all set. If I get out of bed, I make sure to have my cell phone in case of emergency. It worked just fine.

Teleworking has reduced my reading time considerably, but I did finish another book about Liberia that my friend Jim recommended, “Chasing the Devil” – a fascinating look at rural Liberia post-civil war. I also started Season 2 of “Big Little Lies” – Laura Dern is simply amazing.

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