Hot, hot summer


Side view of my plates – latest X-ray 

One good thing about having this bum leg is staying inside all day during this heat wave, except for my short forays to physical therapy. Work was particularly busy this week, too (who knew teleworking could be so engaging?).

I had more good friends stop by! Berenice was here last Sunday morning for coffee, en route to Islamabad; Karen from Asunción came over Monday after work on her way to Guyana; my friend and manager Angela came Friday after work; and yesterday morning Scott and Kelly brought homemade muffins and joined us for coffee – they’re in town to deliver their baby in a few weeks. It’s great to see everyone.

My cousin David had a successful surgery down in Houston this week – I’m so happy it went well and he’s recovering. He’ll be in the hospital another week or so.

John and I watched the documentary about Apollo 11 last night in honor of the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon. This morning we watched “Apollo 13,” another incredible story. I wish we could go see the Apollo tribute at the Washington monument. We also watched an interesting documentary about Scottish wild cats (who knew?), and a movie about the failed presidential run of Gary Hart back in the day. I finished a booked called “The Secretary” that John picked up for me at the library.

My sweet friend Wendy sent me these delicious covered Oreos that we’ve been enjoying this week! They actually went to the hospital in Seattle first, and were forwarded here – and they’re still good!

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