A little progress

The highlight of the week was John receiving an award at work this week – good job! Speaking of work, our future boss in Monrovia happened to be in town and came over for coffee with the two of us. It was good to meet her in person, since we’ve just either talked on the phone or emailed – she is very nice and understanding of the situation.

John went to see a fun comedian/magician last night – wish I could have gone. He had a blast.

John at the magic show

Julie came to visit this week (she used to be in La Paz), as well as Yomaris (formerly in Belize) – always great to have company.

We watched “Vice” this week (very cleverly done), as well as “The Men Who Watch Goats” and an old Meryl Streep, “The Still of the Night.”

The Boat Company sent us some photos taken during vacation, and it included this great one of John and his fish!



I made a little progress at therapy this week, getting my knee to bend to ninety degrees. Slowly but surely!

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