Storm rolling in this week

115 was my happy number this week at physical therapy…a little more bend in the knee than the week before – progress!

The consular chief from Santiago was in town this week, and came for coffee Monday morning. I’m glad our apartment is downtown, so I can still meet people face-to-face to talk.

Friday my sweet friend Tammy came for a glass of wine after work – she is always a tonic and makes me laugh! And she brought me a lovely ristra from a recent trip to New Mexico (and piñon coffee for John!). I also had a nice phone chat with Joan in San Antonio – always fun to catch up!

I started binging on “Orange is the New Black” this week – I had started it a couple of years ago, but fizzled out with it. I’m enjoying it so far. I watched several episodes yesterday while John was playing board games with our friend Marcus, who we first met in Pakistan.

John and I went old school this week, and watched “All the President’s Men” (he’s been reading a lot about the 1972 election) and “Blood Simple” – classics!

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