More friends

We started off the week with a delightful visit from Scott, Laura, and their three-year-old Hazel, whom we had never met before – she’s adorable and loved John’s balloon animals. Scott stayed all day playing board games with John. John had another board game night with Marcus on Thursday – he’s so happy to get to play some of his games, since I am not a particularly enthusiastic partner.

My A-100 friend Sarah brought me lunch on Wednesday, and I really enjoyed catching up with her. It’s the first time I’ve seen her without a lot of other people around, so it was especially nice!

John has been cooking up a storm – osso bucco, salmon, short ribs, chicken with fennel and sun-dried tomatoes – amazing!

I cut back on my work hours slightly – on PT days, I’m cutting back to five hours instead of eight – it was just making me too tired. I think the rest of my body is starting to rebel against the extra work it has to do to make up for my left leg!

Thanks to Joan for sending me a puzzle this week!

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