Another busy week

The week was filled with co-workers coming either for work or a social visit (or both), starting with last Sunday morning. One of my favorite junior officers from Georgetown came for coffee.

Monday afternoon, the new officer going to Grenada came for a long briefing (an oxymoron?) on consular operations there, and my replacement Beth joined us (her first day on the job). She stayed a couple of hours after he left, and I started training her on some aspects of the job.

Tuesday, another new regional consular officer came for coffee – we worked together in Israel. Wednesday, my boss from Germany brought lunch and we worked for a couple of hours, going over logistics of next week’s workshop that I’ve been planning. Finally, Thursday, one of the desk officers who works on cases involving U.S. citizens came for a glass of wine.

Throughout the week I had PT as usual, plus the gym regimen. I overdid it one day and ended up with a very swollen knee, something I’m fighting more and more. I actually did some cooking yesterday, in preparation of having all of the regional consular officers over tonight (they’re all in town for the workshop next week).

We watched “Unbelievable,” a mini-series with Toni Collette that was really good. John went to the Kennedy Center yesterday to see “Cats” – he laughed, he cried!


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