RCO Workshop

All 10 of the regional consular officers came to D.C. this week for the annual workshop. John and I hosted everyone at our apartment Sunday night for an informal get-together before the week of meetings started. It was great to see everyone – RCOs are posted in Africa, Germany, Bangkok, and D.C., so it’s a rare chance for everyone to get together.

I did most of the planning for the workshop again this year, and was happy that it was an overall success with only minor glitches. I didn’t attend, but called in to a few of the sessions to listen. Otherwise, I stayed busy answering the email inquiries from consular sections around the world so the RCOs could focus on the workshop.

My boss from Germany stopped by to visit one night after work. I had a good phone call with my friend Cathy in Ecuador one afternoon, and we finished the week by hosting our friend Elise (who we worked with in Juarez) for brunch yesterday. It was fun to see Elise; I had seen her on my trips to Paraguay, but John hadn’t seen her in years, so it was fun to catch up over coffee and good food.

Last night we celebrated Rick’s birthday with him and Claire at an incredible Afghan restaurant – I especially loved the pumpkin dumplings, and my eggplant dish was delish!

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