The highlight of the week was my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. He wants to see me again in five weeks, but agreed I can start planning our move to Africa in December – great news. In the meantime, I will continue physical therapy to focus on building strength and walking normally. John took me to Ris for dinner to celebrate!

It’s so nice that I enjoy so many of the people I work with! I saw several of them this week when they came over to visit. Monday morning, the two new juniors officers going to Monrovia came over to introduce themselves and have coffee – they were both delightful, and I think they will do well.

My successor, Beth, spent two afternoons with me, going through our handover process. She was also my successor in Islamabad – I see a pattern developing!

One afternoon, three analysts from the visa office came for happy hour  – Kaitlin, Mike, and Amanda. We had a great visit – Mike really makes me belly laugh!

The rest of the week was focused on work and physical therapy. I walked the farthest I have yet, down to Columbia Plaza to get a flu shot. It was gorgeous, cool weather and was great to be outside for a change.

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