Good riddance, 2019!

Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh about 2019, but my six-month hiatus while my leg healed wasn’t what I envisioned this time last year! On the upside, everyone was exceedingly kind to me, and I am grateful we had the resources to get the care I needed – great surgeons, nurses, caregivers, and physical therapists. And Department of State was so supportive of John and me while we were delayed getting to Monrovia – so there were lots of silver linings…but OUCH.

We didn’t get too crazy on New Year’s Eve, and by that, I mean we were asleep by 10 PM! I spent most of NY Day at the office trying to get caught up (an uphill battle). This week, I started going to the office early in the morning so I can work out in the embassy gym before work – so I’m proud of myself for starting to get back in the workout groove.

Yesterday evening we went to the Ambassador’s residence for “sundowners.” We spent a lovely evening with her, her husband, and another couple having a cocktail and watching the sun go down – so nice to be able to visit outside the office. She sent us home with bonus lettuce from the garden – a treat!

This past week we spent several evenings upstairs hanging out with Lucy the Chihuahua while her mom was on vacation – what a sweetie!

Here’s hoping 2020 is accident free!

With upstairs neighbor Lucy

Enjoying sundowners and sundown

One of the many K-Ks around town

Beach view



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