Drinking from the fire hose

Some of our neighbors

I think John and I both feel like we’re drinking from a fire hose at work, but we’re enjoying it! My section (consular) started receiving TDY (temporary duty) help this past week – a lovely woman from Chad came to help us out and she has been a godsend. She works for my good friend Barb in N’djamena, and I’m grateful Barb was so generous in sending her my way! A couple of the staff members and I met her at her hotel last Sunday for a welcome lunch; John and I took her to dinner last night at a nice local restaurant. She’s just delightful.

There were protests around local government buildings last Monday that got a bit rowdy at the end of the day, but nothing too bad other than a slight delay getting home.

We went to Justin and Stephanie’s Friday night for dinner and board games – they’re so nice and we enjoy visiting with them.

Time is already flying by – we hit our one-month anniversary at post this week!


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