Fun in the sun


With our friend Kristin in PV

John and I headed south to Puerto Vallarta this week – we went down on Wednesday and came home on Sunday. It was so much fun – we hadn’t been on a “just relax” vacation in a while and it was just great. We had a fabulous room on the beach with a fantastic view. It was wonderful to fall asleep each night listening to the surf! Click here for more photos of our trip.

The most fun part of the trip was going whale watching on Friday. We were on a small boat with about 10 other people. We followed a couple of groups of humpback whales around and were rewarded with one of them breaching repeatedly for us (i.e., jumping straight up out of the water and crashing back down). It was incredible!

We also had a chance to see our good friend Kristin from A-100 class – our trips overlapped by a couple of hours, so as soon as we landed, we went to her hotel to visit a bit before she had to leave for the airport.

I was sick the first part of the week before our trip – I had scheduled vacation but caught a nasty cold and ended up in bed several days. I went to the doctor Tuesday before we left just to be sure it wasn’t anything more serious than a cold (which it wasn’t). Luckily the sun in Puerto Vallarta helped get me over it quickly.

Great vacation but happy to be back home with little Flavia! She’s happy that we’re home…


Whale watching


Great shot of John on the balcony

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