Starting the countdown


With Mikey at the ACS Holiday Party

Pretty low-key week – it’s starting to hit us that we are actually leaving Ciudad Juarez soon! I have such mixed feelings about it – I’m excited to think about home leave and being in DC for most of the year, but on the other hand, I’m really sad to think about leaving so many good friends here.

We didn’t have a lot going on this week. We had our pack-out survey on Monday to assess what will need to be packed up. Monday night, I went to my friend Pam’s house for a drink in front of her Christmas tree.

Wednesday night we went out to a local bar with some friends – it was a lot of fun. John took me out to dinner on Thursday night – he felt sorry for me because I missed lunch because I had to go visit a pregnant woman in prison.

Friday was the ACS holiday party at our boss’s house – we had a fun gift exchange and good food and drink. I was happy that my Secret Santa made a donation to CARE for me!

Saturday John got back up on the horse  – um, bike – and enjoyed a cold but sunny ride in New Mexico. Meanwhile, I continued with sorting closets and drawers for pack-out. We watched a few episodes of “Fringe” (love it!) and cooked up some salmon for dinner.

I’ve been working to start a recycling program at the Consulate for the last few months. I’m happy to report we had our first pick-up this week!

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