Wearing lots of hats

Flavie loves having her cat tree again!

With a team member out this week unexpectedly, I wore a few different hats this week, including being cashier for a morning, printing some visas, and taking fingerprints of visa applicants. Coronavirus marches on, which means meetings to be sure we’re on top of it, canceling travel as needed, and messaging again to U.S. citizens who may be considering travel to Liberia. Meanwhile, our normal day-to-day work and deadlines don’t stop – so it all made for a busy and stressful week.

On an upside, I had a nice relaxing day yesterday. I spent the afternoon reading a book about the Liberian civil wars, and had a great video chat with my good friend Tammy in DC. With a nod to COVID-19, John and I watched “Outbreak” last night – let’s hope this mess dies down soon!

Flavie seems really happy here. She has her cat tree again, which she loves. Her favorite spot is in the sun on the desk next to the tree; she has a pillow there she sleeps on and looks out the window.

Wall of Spam at the local grocery store


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