Let me know if you need toilet paper

Preferred method of carrying anything from bread to jugs of juice or trays of fruit – you name it, you carry it on your head!

COVID-19 has occupied center stage this week, from work to social conversations. I keep seeing Facebook photos from the United States showing empty shelves and mad runs on toilet paper. So far, the shelves in Liberia are still stocked, so let me know if you need a care package!

Earlier in the week, we mid-level officers had the chance to sit down with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the Ambassador’s residence, who is a former ambassador to Liberia and director general of the Foreign Service. She was interesting and very down to earth – a nice break during the week to get out of the office and hear her perspective.

Wednesday was a local holiday, but I treated it like a regular work day with a later start time, and headed to the gym and office to try to catch up (an impossible task).

Friday night we had a fun evening at Stephanie and Justin’s, playing Viticulture and Skull – fun to laugh a lot and enjoy some take-out Indian food.


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