All coronavirus, all the time

Embassy fruit bats

I completely lost track of time, and forgot it was Sunday blog time. Coronavirus/COVID-19 has preoccupied every waking minute of every day, including all weekend for both John and me.  We’re working to take care of the Embassy community and get messages out to American citizens in Liberia – a full-time job.

Before the full impact of the need for social distancing, I was able to attend a pot luck brunch for the residents of our building (John had to work – a harbinger of things to come the rest of the week).  Monday was technically a holiday, but I went to the gym as usual and worked the rest of the day, culminating in a long meeting at the Ambassador’s residence to discuss our COVID-19 posture and readiness.

We in the embassy are now moving full force behind social distancing and skeleton crews at work. No more gym for me for the foreseeable future as access to communal spaces is restricted – something that makes me incredibly upset given the need for continuing therapy on my leg, but alternate exercises will have to suffice for now.  We are moving into uncertain times, for sure.

I did have one bright spot in the week – I received permission to photograph the bats around the embassy. There are an estimated 100,000 in our colony of fruit bats. I’ll post some photos later – it was a fun 30 minutes! The number of bats roosting in the trees, swirling around, and making screeching noises was a bit unnerving being so close to them, but so refreshing to be outside and in nature!


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