Rainy season

So far, I love the rainy season. Yesterday was sort of dreary and cloudy, and this morning it’s raining. Remind me that I love it when I am soaked trying to get to work – but for today, it’s nice. It’s also given us pretty sunsets and blue water. In the dry season, the water and sky look white due to the sand blowing in from the Sahara.

We’ve been sitting outside on the balcony for a while in the evenings enjoying the cool breezes. One night this week we went to Mary’s and visited with her on her balcony. Another night we saw blue-breasted kingfishers flying around – pretty blue birds with red beaks. John’s also identified the Senegal coucals that are resident at the embassy; their calls sound like they are laughing.

Yesterday John and I hit a couple of different grocery stores (and when I say grocery stores, please picture something like a cross between a 7-11 and a very old Piggly Wiggly from the 1960s). One store had a large variety of Indian spices that he used to make a delicious red lentil curry last night. The stores are funny – such a random assortment of things. Most of the owners are Lebanese, so we see lots of products from that part of the world. Last weekend I saw an entire piglet in the freezer section (keep moving). Random items from Kirkland’s.  We can get some American brands but they are usually ridiculously priced – I saw some steel-cut oats for $8.75 yesterday. It’s fun to browse around because you just never know what you’ll find!


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