Summer Solstice

It’s hard to believe John and I have been in Monrovia for over six months now – here we are in mid-June! How did that even happen???

I spent last Sunday enjoying a rainy day and reading an easy fiction book, while John whipped up several delicious creations in the kitchen. Eating here is such a challenge, so I was especially delighted in having some new, tasty dishes to eat. Those DC cooking lessons are paying off!

I had two nice video chats this week. One was a group video for our friend Barb who in retiring in DC – it was fun to see her face when she walked into a conference room and was greeted by a surprise virtual retirement party. I also chatted with Ann, Pam, and Jackie yesterday where we continue to try to solve the world’s problems!

Last night we went to a friend’s house for a small dinner and a couple of games of Catan – fun!

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