Five years

Between rains

We had a busy week. Commercial flights are set to resume tomorrow in Liberia, so we are getting lots of calls about visas, entry restrictions into the United States, and whether there will be quarantine upon arrival here in Liberia. There are a lot of moving pieces, to say the least, and we are doing our best to stay on top of it all.

We had one very loud, stormy night and one lovely, completely rainy day here this week. The clouds move quickly, so one minute the sun may be shining and the next minute it’s pouring rain. Temperatures stay between 75-85, often muggy.

A TDY doctor arrived Friday evening, so John and I took her some groceries and welcomed her to her temporary apartment. I took more things over after a run to the grocery store yesterday.

This was the anniversary of Mom’s death five years ago. She would be glad to know that Tiger is a fat and happy country cat living with my cousins in Hot Springs! I’m forever grateful that Sue and Ann provided a home for him!

Fat and happy

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