Happy Halloween

A peninsula of trash mars the view of gladiolas and ocean at a particularly stinky part of town where raw sewage and trash flow into the ocea.

It was a beautiful full moon last night and the bats returned to the embassy compound this week – happy Halloween! The embassy had a nice socially distanced Halloween get-together on the patio at the Ambassador’s residence at sunset yesterday that everyone enjoyed – especially the kids who’ve been cooped up at home with on-line classes. There were fun costumes and some much-needed social interaction for all – and how could you not have fun with the ocean view from there and a lovely breeze?

I tried to go to an arts fair yesterday, but it was indoors with no A/C and I just got too hot and had to leave – dry season is definitely coming back. I headed in to work to continue working on an adoption case. Afterward, I had a nice, long video chat with my good friend Cathy who’s now working in Canada – it was great to catch up with her.

The work week was pretty calm with a few conference calls. Our team also did a malfeasance prevention training which prompted some interesting discussion. I stopped by for a quick hello at a rooftop happy hour with some co-workers Friday on the way home at sunset, which was nice. We’re lucky we have outdoor spaces and the weather that lets us have a few get-togethers but be safe about it.


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